Offline Filter Thread Direct Link This Post. My nurgle daemon prince, i’m happy with how he came out, it’s my first painted forge-world model. Mamon is a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, known as the “Arch-Corrupter of Vraks”. It is not known when Chaos managed to subvert Mamon, but he was already. 3 days ago Nurgle armies looking for those will need to use vanilla CSM rules and detachments. .. Daemon Prince of Nurgle – Buffs himself, Death Guard, and Nurgle . in Death Guard, he only buffs himself and Mamon Transfigured).

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Like its older brother, Kharybdis, totally overshadowed by different to the Storm Eagle, clocking in at pts.

Daemon Prince – 1d4chan

On Vraks, Mamon organized and equipped the most fanatically mamkn into Xaphan’s bodyguard cadre and summoned the Alpha Legion warband of Arkos the Faithless. Yay for Smite spam!

Storm Eagle – Stormbird – Thunderhawk. And most of all remember, the cool ranch upgrade is better than the nacho cheese one.

Daemon Prince

The Cardinal left the details of the arrangements to his favoured Deacon, who prrince to request permission for the Cardinal to visit Vraks. Pick a unit you flew over mamoon roll 6d6 for each vehicle, building, or monster in said unit, or 1d6 for each other model, up to a maximum of 6d6. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance.


The heavy penetrator round punched clean through a decorative pillar before hitting damon Cardinal. Below, the courtyard of the Citadel was suddenly alive with panicking pilgrims and running guards. Remember though that their main use of keeping up with fast HQs is basically limited to only the winged Daemon Prince.

Unlike 40k, daemon princes in AoS can be unaligned. The sisters of the Order of the Argent Shroud took up residence in the small priory attached to the Basilica of St Leonis and formed an honour guard to the revered saint’s remains and relics.

Not having Disgustingly Resilient and invulnerable save makes you very fragile, and this is exactly what you shouldn’t be as Death Guard Alternate Alternate Opinion: Battle Fly Rot Fly. The place chosen by Deacon Mamon was Vraks. Unfortunately, your army favors infantry, making it somewhat hard to buff or support and turning it into a single-use missile. The Cardinal’s message also reached other ears. Even more sluggish than the rest of the Death Guard due to their Cataphractii Terminator Armor reducing them to 4″ of movement and cutting Advance rolls in half, but they can deep strike to make up for it.

He had been sent by the Emperor to do this holy work. The last transmission had been a garbled message, received by an Administratum office on Cadia. Possessed – You might be tempted to skip past these blokes, but not so fast. Oh and it regenerates wounds from Close Combat. Powerful men who began to believe dawmon they themselves could be worshipped like the Emperor.

He can also take a Power Fist. Following her arrest, the Disciples marched into the priory and arrested the prunce Sororitas sisters. Chaos Daemons – Fallen Angels.


He’s no slouch in assault either, due to his ability Revolting Stench yep his power is stinking.

This has been taken as evidence that the Deacon was already an Alpha Legion sleeper agent, and that Vraks was his and Arkos’ target all along. Keep in mind the modified 10″ of the ‘Tallymans’ Re-roll range for the fight phase.

Your ad here, right now: The censorium tower was also stormed, and the astropaths within slaughtered to a man. Moving to close the distance does not negatively impact your firepower at all. Remember how Poxwalkers need cover to benefit from their armor saves?

Simultaneously, Deacon Mamon was also busy establishing an inner circle around the Cardinal of fanatically loyal followers. He’s only got a plague knife for melee, and his shooting leaves much to be desired- sure, his Injector Pistol is S4 AP-1 D6 damage 1 against vehiclesbut it has a pathetic 3″ range.

Would not be surprising to see this model proxied as a Plaguecaster, as it looks magnificent. Some fought back, but out-numbered and taken completely by surprise by the sudden treachery, the sisters were soon overrun. To top it off, you don’t have any weapons to start with.

Offensively, he hits at S6 dealing 3 damage at -3AP with his main weapon but each hit of a 6 becomes 3, which is nasty The weapon uses the following profile: