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She was a gold digger without morals, who didn’t know what love is, what friendship is and most of all what motherhood was. Was ich am meisten an dem hasste war, dass von Richards toter Frau immer wieder negative Eigenschaften aufgedekt wurden.

I liked the plot and how easy it was to read not that that is a standard requirement of mine, but anyone who is a fan of this author probably understands what I’m talking about. She’s so horrid that I almost found myself rooting for her, hoping that she would get some sense knocked into her at some point.

I thought maybe she’d soften when it came to her daughter, but nope Desalniettemin blijf ik wel fan van de boeken die ze onder haar pseudoniem schrijft. See 1 question about The Gatecrasher….

La signora dei funerali

The ending is abrupt fei she is about to leave her latest conquest to find the next widower and her change of mind is just not believable enough. This was one of them kind of books where you just cannot put it down, I had many sleepless nights due to being so hooked sibnora to the novel. This is darker than a typical Kinsella book, built more on irony and human nature, greed. I wanted a bit more on the character development side though from some of them.


Also, I think the background could have been worked into the story better, you would be going along on the story and suddenly there would be a chapter set in the past and it would give you insight on why a character was the way they were now.

It dragged on and on and on for the very longest time, only to have Fleur get worse and worse in character, instead of better. Enjoy with a cool, crisp glass of white whine and some fresh raspberries! Fleur has to consider and decide what she can do and what she has to do.

Emily had been called a charming woman, but her eyes had held splinters of ice and her tinkling laugh had been saccharine and humorless. And so it was interesting to take a look at this particular kind of book from an aspiring neurotic writers point of view. It’s quite an epic journey, with a whole unique set of characters along for the ride. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She was a gold digger without morals, who didn’t know what love is, what friendship is and most of all what motherhood was This story had a great potential.

The voice effortlessly changes frequently throughout the book, from the children to the husband to Fleur herself, which keeps things interesting. Nov 03, Chanel rated it it was ok.

Da Madeleine Wickham a Sophie Kinsella: una metamorfosi di stile vincente

Except that Lambert didn’t particularly seem to want her love or her cherishing. This is an incredible, fantastic book — but don’t take my word for it, read it yourself.

Instead, she has perfected the art of “gatecrashing” ie. Once we were given the background the subject was dropped though and story picked right back up, it was a little confusing.

From what I read, all she has is apparently ‘charm,’ and surely that’s not enough, not even in the world of fiction. I disliked Fleur from the beginning. All in all, the story I built up in my head dunerali before opening up the book madeleinr better than the story itself. In terms of characters, Fleur is the only one who doesn’t seem to progress. The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham.


I think this book was ok, nothing amazing. All of these weren’t answered. Feb 26, Love Fool rated it liked it.

La signora dei funerali by Madeleine Wickham on Apple Books

Is that so much to ask? Ik dacht bij het dwi van dit boek. What could be a light-hearted and shallow story is actually quite deep, I was very pleased to find out that Madeleine Wickham was Sophie Kinsella, as I loved her books. I loved the rather adult style of “The Gatecrasher” as the main character transforms her life over the course of a calm yet collected journey.

I picked this up so that I could have a “fluffy book” to read over the holidays, one that I could just pick up and read without doing much thinking. Sep 01, Ally Atherton rated it liked it.

Sep 06, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: I would definitely read a sequel but it is really just an average book. One thing leads to another, and before long she is using their credit card to rack up enormous shopping sprees before moving on to her next target. She thinks too many mean things of others and is inconsiderate; I sometimes wicham if Wickham simply forgot to present the more positive side of her.