PDF | Libidibia ferrea, popularly known as “pau ferro” or “jucá”, is an important medicinal plant employed for the treatment of various ailments in. Genus: Libidibia (formerly known as Ceasalpinia). species: ferrea. Family: Fabaceae. Common Name: Leopard tree, Brazilian Ironwood. Description. Unarmed tree, to 15 m. Bark very distinctive, smooth, grey, pealing to reveal paler patches. Leaves 2-pinnate; pinnae in pairs, each with

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It has a similar feel and similar tonal attributes to rosewood, but is harder and has a slightly lighter colour.

Libidibia ferrea – Wikipedia

Reversal of the antinociceptive effect by opioid antagonist indicates a participation in central forms of antinociception. While the carrageenan model is typically associated with activation of the ferrea pathway and is sensitive to glucocorticoids and prostaglandin synthesis antagonists, the early phase of the carrageenan response is due to the release of serotonin and histamine [ 26 ].

Li P, Zhu S. European Journal of Pharmacology. Please join him on some fun adventures while learning about the life of plants and other interesting facts about our world.

Libidibia ferrea

Other authors have also used parenteral route in their researches [ 3637 ]. So the LPLF was isolated and GC evaluated its libldibia, in order to identify analgesic related components, and histological assessments of the seeds were performed in order to indicate the storage site of such substances.

It will libidlbia root pruning, so ferra its attractive trunk is often used in bonsai. Modulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines libidlbia adhesion molecules.

To better fefrea what peripheral and central pathways that LPLF was affecting, abdominal writhing test with the administration of different inhibitors was performed Figure 6. There are different routes to evaluate nociception; however, the assay using intraperitoneally acetic acid was the chosen approach. In addition to the well-known peripheral effects of NSAIDs—especially prostaglandin synthesis inhibition—and the fact that dipyrone is able to induce a significant antinociceptive effect in the absence of an anti-inflammatory response, it has been proposed that it produces antinociception at least partially by acting upon central nervous system structures [ 4344 ].


Learn how your comment data is processed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. GC with flame ion detection FID. Animals 6 per group were pretreated by i. Light Microscopy and Histochemical Tests Histochemical tests were carried out using free-hand sections of newly collected material and included the Sudan IV test for lipids, Osmium tetroxide test for unsaturated lipids, and Nile libidkbia sulphate test to neutral and acids lipids.

Illustrated Cyclopedia of Brazilian Medicinal Plants. Materials and Methods 2. Retrieved 23 June Dipyrone potentiates morphine-induced antinociception in dipyrone-treated and morphine-tolerant rats. CE and F80 promoted a high reduction in the content of nitrite, especially CE, which decreased it to a level smaller than those presented by the standard drugs, as shown in Figure 3. Due to a significant layer of oil present in the ferres extract used in the experiments, it was pondered if the analgesic agent s were present in this lipophilic portion.

P values less than 0. After one hour, 0. Omega-3 fatty libbidibia, mainly linoleic acid, are used, in humans, as a supplementation for inflammatory joint pain [ 2324 ] and plants with high concentrations of linoleic acid usually have also analgesic effect [ 25 ].

First phase of formalin tests predominantly evokes activity in A-delta fibers. The lipids found in Sudan IV test Figure 2 b occurred as oily bodies in different tissues of the seeds, such as cotyledon, endosperm, and embryo, since other tissues, beyond the cotyledon, can contribute to the storage of substances in the mature seed [ 1516 ].


The International Plant Names Index, http: Antinociceptive action demonstrated in the present study supports, at least partly, the ethnomedical uses of libivibia plant and complements previous studies of this plant.

Points of coupling of different tetrazolium salts. For the preparation of the acetonic extract, seeds collected were dried up in natural temperature, powdered, and put into erlenmeyers. Phytolaccaceae Journal of Pharmacy libifibia Bioallied Sciences.

BioMed Research International

Antitumor Activity Studies were carried out in male mice, six animals per group, aiming to investigate the in vivo antitumor activity of CE and F80 against sarcoma The saturated fatty acids were found in a minor concentration in LF extract. The hot-plate test was used to measure the response latencies according to the method described previously [ 12 ]. M of total writhings.

Cancer chemopreventive frrea of constituents of Caesalpinia ferrea and related compounds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The response to an i. In the meantime, C. The mice were allowed access to standard rodent chow diet Purina and water ad libitum.

Experimental results have indicated that substance P and bradykinin participate in this libidobia phase [ 32 ]. Leaves 2-pinnate; pinnae in pairs, each with pairs of oblong, asymmetric leaflets.