To make a textField a hyperlink to an external URL, you need to add the attribute hyperlinkType=”Reference” to the element, and add a. The following parameters set the behavior for hyperlinks for JasperReports A hyperlink enables users to browse to a URL, view another report, or invoke a. Use custom hyperlink handler with a Dashboard in JasperReports Server Used jasper server version: Problem Statement: Add hyperlink.

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Once obtained such an in-memory object, its structure can be read and transformed into a JRXML representation with the help of JasperCompileManager facade class, which comes with different public static methods for both compiling report templates and extracting the JRXML representation from in-memory report template objects.

This is the default setting. This is jasperreport background section. Graphical Report Design with iReport. To handle custom hyperlinks in the built-in Swing viewer, you need to register a hyperlink listener by calling addHyperlinkListener listener on the net.

JasperReports – Hyperlink Sample

LocalAnchor – the current hyperlink points to a local anchor. Use Anchor and Bookmark to create an anchor inside the current document; it is only available for elements that support hyperlinks textfield, image, and chart. When the user clicks a hyperlink, he or she is redirected to a local destination within the current document or to an external resource. Jasperrepofts placed on this section are evaluated at page initialization time and are displayed in the back.

Difficult to say from here. How to use hyperlinks and anchors for text elements and image jxsperreports. The listener is an implementation of the JRHyperlinkListener interface.

Custom hyperlink targets are generated by hyperlink target producers, which are classes that implement the JRHyperlinkTargetProducer interface. Hyperlink Expressions Depending on the standard hyperlink type specified, one or two of the following expressions are evaluated and used to build the reference to jaspererports the hyperlink element will point: Unlock course access forever with Packt credits.


Reference – the current hyperlink points to an external resource. The hyperlink type ReportExecution is one of these custom hyperlink extensions. Sometimes you need to define some parameters that must be attached jasperrepots the link.

To set anchor, bookmark, or hyperlink properties, go to jasperreorts Hyperlink tab in the Properties view. There are five standard types of hyperlinks supported by JasperReports by default. What exactly is JasperReports?

To point to a local anchor means to create a link between two locations into the same document. The image is loaded from the jr. This attribute can hold any text value, but by default, the engine recognizes the following standard hyperlink types: Select jxsperreports element on the page.

This is the background section. Custom hyperlink targets are hyperllnk by hyperlink target producers, which are classes that implement the JRHyperlinkTargetProducer interface. Creating a binary report template. Adding charts to a report. Hyperlink Tooltips The tooltip expression is used to jasperrepofts a text to display as tooltip when the mouse is over the element that represents the hyperlink this only works when the document is exported in a format that supports this type of interactive use.

Logging can be performed in three different ways. The features of JasperReports. For example, in pie charts, the hyperlink is linked to each slice of the pie; in bar charts, the click-enabled areas are the bars themselves.

Its purpose is to help customize the behavior of the specified link when it is clicked in the viewer. When the JasperReports engine encounters a custom target value specified in the target attribute of a hyperlink, it first interrogates all registered hyperlink target producer factories to obtain a target producer for this custom hyperlink.


When a hyperlink is declared as having a type other than the built-in types, the hyperlink is considered of custom type and the user is expected to provide handlers to process the hyperlink when the report is exported.

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An anchor is a kind of label that identifies a specific position in a document. You can see the dashboard like this: The Background Jasperreporta Digital watermarking is a very useful feature having a wide range of applications related to copyright protection, source tracking, etc. This is because all these types of elements offer special settings that allow you to specify the hyperlink reference to which the hyperlink will point to or the name of the local anchor. Custom Hyperlinks In addition to the standard hyperlink types, users can define hyperlinks having custom types.

The Link Target allows to specify where the link should be open. Jaspersoft Studio provides six types of built-in hypertext links: RemoteAnchor – the current jasperrepofts points to an anchor within an external document.

Defining Jasoerreports Some types of datasets let you assign a hyperlink to the value represented in the chart; in the report output, clicking the chart opens a web page or navigates to a different location in the report.

Other types of hyperlinks can be implemented and plugged into JasperReports. Previous Section Complete Course.