Módulo 3 – El electrocardiograma normal. 15 – Electrocardiograma normal, lectura Vs. Interpretación: 16 – Onda P normal: Juan José Arango. 19K subscribers.

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Welcome to this website. A combined effort of a group of professionals whose sole purpose is to facilitate the electrocardiogram interpretation.

The meaning of the EKG paper, where to place the electrodes, the cardiac leads, description of waves and intervals of the EKG. Identify normal EKG patterns in children from interpretafion through adolescence. Learn what are the differences with the EKG of adults. How to recognize complete bundle branch blocks, incomplete bundle branch blocks and left fascicular blocks on an EKG.

Review their electrocardiographic characteristics Read an electrocardiogram with pacemaker is similar to read a normal EKG. Review the steps to do so, and specific characteristics of the EKG of electronic pacemakers.


Simple guide on how to read, interpret and inform electrocardiograms.

Logical sequence for EKG analysis. We provide you with three simple methods to determine the heart axis of an electrocardiogram.

It is not as difficult as it seems Do you know how to correctly place the electrocardiogram electrodes? In this article we show you how Read a detailed description of each one. Left fascicular blocks are conduction disturbances in one of two fascicles of the left bundle branch.

My EKG, La web del Electrocardiograma

Do not overlook them. Read a detailed description of each one read more Left Fascicular Blocks Ihterpretacion fascicular blocks are conduction disturbances in one of two fascicles of the left bundle branch. Icons made by Freepik from www.