ordinances (collectively referred to as the ‘Hudood [ Hud?d ]. Ordinances’) which were Also, new laws were introduced through the vehicle of the ordinances. THE HUDOOD LAWS 65 basic needs. This changed the following year, however, as Pakistan’s military dictator, President General Zia-ul-Haq, introduced the. (New York) – The Pakistani government’s proposed amendments to the Hudood Ordinances are grossly inadequate and fall far short of the.

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That agreement failed to materialize. One case was that of Safia Bibi, an unmarried blind woman from the northwest frontier who was prosecuted for zina because of her illegitimate pregnancy. One non-classical feature is that Hadd punishments can only be carried out after an appeal to the Federal Shariat Court has failed. It described the offence of false accusation of Zina fornication and adultery either written, verbal or “by visible representations”, with intent to cause harm, and without producing four witnesses in support of the accusation before the Court, or who “according to the finding of the Court”, a witness has given false evidence of the commission of zina or rape, or when a complainant has made a false accusation of rape; [18].

Inbefore the ordinances went into lawws there were 70 women held in Pakistani prisons. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. Under haddeyewitnesses evidence of the act of penetration by “at least four Muslim adult male witnesses”, about whom “the court is satisfied”, that “they are truthful persons and abstain from major sins kabair ” tazkiyah al-shuhood.

The primary distinction between the hadd and tazir offenses is that the hadd offences require a higher standard of proof than is needed in laes as the Islamic punishments are more severe.

December 31, Economic direction? Rape, now referred to as zina-bil-jabr, was similarly made liable to either the hadd hhudood the tazir penalty depending on the type of proof available. Amendments would also allow women charged with adultery to post bail, though it would leave many other discriminatory provisions in place.


New York – The Pakistani hhdood must honor its pledge to amend the controversial Hudood Ordinances by removing some of its most discriminatory and dangerous provisions, Human Rights Watch said today. The ordinance also abolished Pakistan’s statutory rape law. Kennedy states that “clearly the perception that Zia’s program significantly discriminated against women’s rights is fundamentally flawed”.

December 13, News Release. By lzws, there were Hkdood, the only guaranteed way to obtain a lawe conviction is if the accused confesses or there are four adult male witnesses to the act of penetration.

Plight of the Pakistani Women under the Hudood ordinance

Rapes are committed in seclusion and four witnesses are difficult to find. The Hudood Ordinances are fundamentally flawed and must be repealed in their entirety. The husband then uhdood that sans the confirmation of divorce by the local authorities the marriage is not over and launches a zina prosecution.

The study found the ordinance used to file “nuisance or harassment suits against disobedient daughters or estranged wives.

Pakistan: Proposed Reforms to Hudood Laws Fall Short

Inthen President Pervez Musharraf again proposed reform of the ordinance. Though this legislation does not redress all the problems introduced by the Hudood Ordinances, substantial changes have been made, which is a step in the right direction. By then they had spent many years in jail, were ostracized by their families, and had become social outcasts.

He does not argue with statements such as “eight out of every ten women in jail today are those charged with the offence of Zina”. This website uses profiling non technical cookies, also third parties cookies, in order to send advertising messages according to user’s preferences. Retrieved 21 November Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina set for landslide win as opposition demands new vote. Lawa, General Ziaul Haq who took over in after a military coup reversed the clock.

Other legal experts have claimed that hjdood original law was not so unbalanced as its opponents claimed or that the reforms will be impossible to enforce.

Stoning to death has been introduced as a legal form of punishment for the “adultery of married persons” zina al-mohsena in Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria about one-third of the 36 statesPakistan, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates.

December 13, Dispatches. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Pakistan inherited a similar set of laws from the British rulers as India. Both it and adultery became non-compoundable, non-bailable, and punishable at maximum by death. Prohibited sexual activities, including rape zina bil jabrbecame religious offenses, subject to different evidentiary standards and punishment and the appellate jurisdiction of Islamic higher courts. Often referred to as Macaulay’s code, this was a secular code.


The New York Times. This is known as the Hudood ordinance. The laws rendered most sexual assault victims unable to seek redress through the criminal justice system, deeming them guilty of illegal sex rather than victims of unlawful violence or abuse. He then introduced a series of laws that codified women’s status as subordinate in law, including the Hudood Ordinances and the Qanun-e-Shahadat Order Law of Evidence Orderwhich relegated women to inferior legal status and, in some circumstances, rendered their testimony to half the weight of a man’s.

Her rapist was acquitted. Party atmosphere set to sweep across major cities in Asia and other continents as the clock ticks past midnight.

Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is lawz more reason to reform jail system.

Hudood Laws

Because the promulgation of the Zina Ordinance entailed the hudoodd of Pakistan’s statutory rape law, girls as young as twelve have been prosecuted for having extra-marital intercourse under circumstances that would previously have mandated statutory rape hudoood against their assailant. Retrieved 29 January Trio accused in JIT report reject findings, claim innocence.

The most controversial of these are the two laws pertaining to sexual offences, i. Hadd offences fixed punishment require a higher standard of proof than tazir discretionary punishment and their punishments are more severe. Retrieved 19 November Join our movement today.

The reforms have come under considerable opposition from Islamist groups in Pakistan, who insist that law should stay following the sharia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.