Se ha estudiado a niños participantes en la cohorte INMA-Asturias. Se determinó la 25(OH)D3 mediante cromatografía líquida de alta resolución. Se han. (Rev Med Chile ; ). Key words: Hashimoto Disease; Hypothyroidism; Vitamin D Deficiency. Hipovitaminosis D en niños con. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Hipovitaminosis D asociada a exposición de la mitad de la población de niños, jóvenes, adultos, mujeres posmenopáusicas.

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The main strength of this study is that it was carried out in a cohort of healthy children that have been followed up from the prenatal hiovitaminosis.

Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and associated factors in obese Spanish children

Nutr J, 12pp. After reviewing the literature the cutoffs established by the Endocrine Society 24 for adults was chosen as it is widely used in such studies, but it is possible that these values are below ideal, since adolescence is a phase that requires increased nutrient demands for proper skeletal development.

Vitamin D exerts its and humoral immune responses occur at varying biological effects via vitamin D receptor VDR degrees, is characterized by a progressive destruc- on the target cells8, Frequency distribution of categorical vitamin D in study subject. Data collecting Sociodemographic and behavioral data were collected through a semi-structured questionnaire.

Pathologically, thyroid tissue is distinguishedby profound T lymphocyte infiltration 3,17, Am J Clin Nutr ; Vitamin D and inlammatory disea- 9. HT as well as on its protective roles. Guidelines for preventing and treating vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency revisited.


Prevalence of hypovitaminosis D and associated factors in obese Spanish children

Evaluation, treatment, and prevention of vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D deficiency and morbimortality in critically ill The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and specific factors for hypovitaminosis D among children stratified by body mass index BMI hipivitaminosis Northern Spain. Association of vitamin D insufficiency with adiposity and metabolic disorders in Brazilian adolescents.

The mean vitamin D le- vels were After standardization of the household measurements and preparation of the datasheets, food or preparations that were not present in the software database were entered by means of food chemical composition tables 20,21 or processed food labels.

Vitamin D deficiency is more common in children with HT than healthy controls. Am J Clin Nutr, 87pp. The intake of vitamin D from dietary sources is generally insufficient, so we need health promotion strategies with an emphasis on adequate intake of foods rich in vitamin D and to consider supplementation in children of this age with hipovitaminksis risk factors. Vitamin D undergoes hydroxylation steps in the liver and kidneys and is converted to 25 OH vitamin D3 and 1.

Present evidence and future perspectives. Proc Nutr Nkos ; 71 1: History of the discovery of vitamin D and its an Endocrine Society clinical practice guideline.

Intergroup differences were tested by the independent t -test or its non-parametric correspondent, the Mann-Whitney test. Blood samples were collected at the schools by a team of qualified professionals. Benefits and requirements of vitamin D for optimal health: The multiple logistic regression analysis for the presumed predictors of vitamin D status is represented in Table 3.


The main function of active vitamin D is to regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism and maintain skeletal health.

The immune-modulatory function of active vitamin D is attributed to its effects on innate and adaptive system cells. A recent study in children conducted in Pennsylvania latitude, Am J Clin Nutr ; 84 1: Thus, further research is needed to establish what would be the optimal levels of vitamin D to ensure optimal nutritional support during this period.

Results This study consisted of 68 patients diagnosed with HT in Gaziosmanpasa University Pediatrics Clinic between and and 68 healthy, age and gender-matched children. Apart from calcium and IL, There were no significant differences between the distribution in relation hipoviaminosis sex, season of blood sample and place of residence.

The markers used to evaluate renal and hepatic function were performed using commercial kits from Labtest Minas Gerais, Brazilfollowing the manufacturer’s recommendations.