This is the complete text of “Rites and Symbols”, an essay by René Guénon, which If the fundamental identity of rites and symbols is more closely examined . In this work, Guénon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological meaning of symbols, drawn from traditions as far-ranging as the Greek, the Buddhist, the. In this work, probably the most significant in a modern Western language concerning symbolism, Guénon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological.

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Rites and Symbols

At the same time, the natural incomprehension of the masses is a sufficient guarantee that what has an esoteric character will not be laid bare and profaned, but will remain only as a sort of witness of the fuenon for those who, in later times, will be capable guenkn understanding it.

Collecting Books on NYC This gallery is dedicated to some of the best fiction and nonfiction portraying one of the greatest cities in the world. The Exit from funcamental Cave They have been touched by the spirit of modernity to the point of no longer knowing, any more than the philosophers named above, the nature of true intellectuality, to the point, at times of confounding intellectuality with rationalism and thus unintentionally playing the game of the enemy.

Guenon blazed the trail to the top of the mountain and built a foundation there; Schuon built a mansion on top of the foundation; the other writers of this school added some furniture. Do not buy the softcover edition of this book, it just falls apart from even the most gentle use. This relationship can be denoted even more precisely and explicitly by the rays issuing from the centre and ending at the circumference.

This figure, in addition, was regarded as that of the celestial Jerusalem with its twelve gates, three on each side: There is yet a third aspect to this symbolism, linked especially to the moral point of view though admitting of other significations alsoand this is the idea of justice.

The same remark would be equally valid for the chrismon as compared to the wheel. Heart and Brain From it, by its radiation, all things are produced, just as unity produces all numbers without its essence being modified or affected in any way whatso- ever. As for the direction of the rotation indicated by the figure, the importance is only secondary.

Fundamental Symbols: The Universal Language of Sacred Science by Rene Guenon ::

At the end of the fifteenth century, or of the sixteenth, a monk of the monastery of Loudun, Brother Guyot, decorated the walls of the stair- way of his chapel with a whole series of esoteric emblems of Jesus Christ, of which some of them, several times repeated, are of Oriental origin, such as the Swastika and the Sauwastika, the AUM and the Crucified Serpent RegnabitMarch As to the nature of this bird, there are two hypotheses: Besides, a symbole unprejudiced research suffices to reveal on symbold sides the signs of this essential doctrinal unity, the consciousness of which has at times been obscured among men but which has never entirely dis- appeared.

One can even say that It is this which marks, quite generally, the clearest and the most important distinction between these senses and the illegitimate ones which are too often attrib- uted to this same word.


Latin rosa] cannot escape the notice of those who know how often a certain phonetic symbolism is used. The second and integral fruition of his groundwork came with the arrival on the scene of the young Frithjof Schuon at about the same time as Coomaraswamy — the eldest of the three — fundamejtal it was he who symhols give the message its quintessential form.

The word swastika is. Arranged differently figure 9these three squares to which are added four crosswise lines Figure 9 constitute the figure according to which the ancient astrologers inscribed the zodiac. Perhaps it would be useful to note that this point of view, according to which nature Is considered a symbol of the supernatural, is In no way new and that on the contrary it was widely entertained in the Medieval period. Rene’ Guenon is without doubt one of the greatest writers of the fuhdamental century.

The fact that the higher meaning shines through less with Chrestien de Troyes, for exam- ple, than with Robert de Funsamental does not necessarily prove that the first was less well aware of it than the second.

But who would dare to maintain that the sy,bols Word and His historical, earthly and human manifestation are not really one and the same Christ under different aspects? This is also the reason for the very diversity of traditional forms, and it is this diversity which entails, as an immediate consequence, the diversity of languages which must serve the dif- ferent traditions as respective means of expression.

In any case, it is enough to know how to read the symbols in order to find in them all that we ourselves have found; but huenon, in our age especially, not everyone knows how to read them.

Victory over the dragon has, as its immediate consequence, the conquest of immortality, which is represented by some object the approach to which is guarded by the dragon; and this conquest essentially implies the reintegration into the centre of the human state, that is, into the point where communication is established with the higher states of the being. Ships from and sold by Amazon.

Fundamental symbols: the universal language of sacred science – René Guénon – Google Books

Now to relate what we have said guenob the eternal ideas to that which concerns the manifested Intellect, we must naturally turn once again to the sutratma doctrine, however it may be expressed, for the different symbol- isms traditionally used for this purpose are basically equivalent. Various forms of the swastika exist, for example a form with curved branches having the appearance of two crossed S.

She was also confidante and inspirer of St ohn Eudes who was himself the apostle of public devotion to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We touch here on the relationships between the temporal and the timeless, and perhaps it is not appropriate to insist further on this; for these are precisely those things which symbolism alone can express in the measure that they are expressible.

IO The sphere, which represents the development of possibilities by the expansion of the primordial point, is transformed into a cube when this development is completed and when the final equilibrium is attained by the cycle in question. Bonds and Knots The Symbolism of the Heart The circumference can only turn around a fixed centre; likewise, change, which does not suffice unto itself, necessarily supposes a principle which is outside change.


The Language of the Birds 41 with the higher states. This is not to say, however, that all ties were broken with a single blow; it was possible to maintain some degree of relations for quite some time, but only in a hidden way, and by the intermediary of organisations such as the F ede Santa or the Fedeli d’Amore or the Massenie du Saint-Graal and doubtless many others as well, all inheritors of the spirit of the Order of the Temple, and for the most part attached to it by a more or less direct filiation.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The journals in question, now almost unobtain- able, are indicated in the list of original sources towards the end of the book.

There again is an example of the fact that magic, even sorcery, is what subsists as the last vestige of vanished traditions. It will no doubt be as well to throw some light on this question; but to begin with we wish to make it clear that Warrain adopts an essentially philosophical point of view, while for our part we intend to keep strictly to initiatic and traditional ground.

To these figurations, we could join those which make of it a city, a citadel, a temple or a palace, according to the particular aspect under which it is envisaged: The Bridge and the Rainbow Religion is now looked upon as nothing more than a social fact: That science was something quite different from a mere divinatory art, even though it was evidently susceptible of applications of this kind, but in an altogether secondary and ‘accidental’ way.

Parallel to this are the higher reaches of philosophy, likewise in the literal sense, love of wisdom. In the West, it is most often the rose that plays the same part.

In other words, in order to reach the final and supreme goal, there is for such a being no other way than the ray itself by which the being is attached to the Spiritual Sim. Consequently, if one is not content merely to note a difference and if one wishes to speak of superiority, this super- iority, whatever some may claim, will lie with synthetic symbolism which opens the way to truly unlim ited conceptual possibilities.

This gallery is dedicated to some of the best fiction and nonfiction portraying one of the greatest cities in the world. Tradition and the Unconscious 31 resulting from them were relatively easy to dissipate.

Fundamental symbols ; The Universal Language of Sacred Science

Light is the traditional symbol of the very nature of the Spirit: It must however be noted that Atma, comprising within itself principally all reality, cannot for that very reason enter into correlation with anything whatso- ever. It is cer- tainly wrong to claim, as we have often heard it claimed that nobody could understand an exposition of pure doctrine.

In this work, probably the most significant in a Western language, concerning symbolism, Guenon deals with the metaphysical and cosmological meaning of symbols drawn from traditions as far apart as the Greek and the Buddhist, the Druid and the Islamic.