Preparation for the Gospel (Greek: Εὐαγγελικὴ προπαρασκευή), commonly known by its Latin title Praeparatio evangelica, was a work of Christian apologetics written by Eusebius in the. : Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (The Preparation of the Gospel) eBook: Eusebius of Caesarea: Kindle Store. Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica is a masterful work that defies easy categorization. Written between and , soon after Eusebius had become bishop of.

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For the Christian tradition, see Young, For as Thales the eldest of them lived about the fiftieth Olympiad, the approximate dates of those who came after him are thus stated concisely. How was a Christian to understand the teachings of Plato or the other philosophical schools Books 11—15? Though not named as such by Eusebius, Origen referred to his defense against the anti-Christian assault of Celsus as an apologia.

Johnson, Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio evangelicap. He is not, however, the only teacher with whom, as it is said, Pythagoras was associated, but he spent some time also with the Persian Magi ; and became a disciple of the Egyptian prophets, at the time when some of the Hebrews appear to have made their settlement in Egypt, and some in Babylon.

And he led his son up to the mountain, and eusebiys up a pyre, evangelca set Isaac thereon; but when about to slay him he was forbidden by an Angel, who provided him with a ram for the offering: For it is said that when Hera was at variance with Zeus, and was no longer willing to consort with him, but hid svangelica, he was wandering about in perplexity and fell in with Alalcomenes the earth-born, and was taught by him that, to deceive Hera, he must pretend to wed another wife.

Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica – Oxford Scholarship

He also devised for Kronos as insignia of royalty four eyes in front and behind. And changeless still the law which God decreed.

So he took his troops from him, and sent some to the frontiers of Aethiopia for an advanced guard; and ordered others to demolish the temple in Diospolis which had been built of baked brick, and build another of stone from the quarries of the neighbouring mountain, and appointed Nacheros superintendent of the building.

And when the soothsayer showed him the bird, and said, that if it remained in the same place, it was expedient for all to halt, but if it rose and flew forward, they should advance, and if it flew back, they must retire again, then this man made no reply, but drew his bow and shot, and hit the bird and killed it. And in unveiling these he says that Dionysus is drunkenness, and no longer the mortal man who has been exhibited by the history in the preceding book; and that Hera means the joint wedded life of husband and wife.

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First their arrival in Egypt from some other country, and afterwards the departure thence at so ancient a date as to be nearly a thousand years before the Trojan war. And to Vaphres the king of Egypt he sent ten thousand measures of oil, a thousand measures of dates, a hundred vessels of honey, and spices.

In consequence of which it also exerts an unsurpassable swiftness by means of its breath, without feet and hands or any other of the external members by which the other animals make their movements. And the allies of Elus, who is Kronos, were surnamed Eloim, as these same, who were surnamed after Kronos, would have been called Kronii.

For you will find all things among the Greeks to be recent, having come into existence, as one might say, yesterday or the day before; I mean the foundation of their cities, and their invention of the arts, and the registration of their laws: Further they say that the Tuscans invented the art of moulding clay: And Triopas was contemporary with Isis in the seventh generation from Inachus.

The poem quoted above declared that the ether is the mind of Zeus: What then can be more blessed than this excellent and all-happy friendship with God? Because of his popularity as a teacher, Origen was forced to divide the students.

Praeparatio evangelica

Save me, gracious Lord! Soon afterwards Joseph died, as did also the king of Egypt. But after employing a few testimonies of men familiarly known and renowned among the Greeks, and exposing their style of plagiarism, by dealing with various periods, I shall turn to the subjects eusehius in order.

Johnson Abstract The task of the early Christian praeparatii was fundamentally one of constructing, maintaining, and manipulating the identities of Christianity and its rivals — Greeks, Jews, Romans, and others.

Manetho says, the Shepherds surrounded with a great and strong wall, that so they might have all their possessions and their booty in a stronghold.

Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica

So again, how could Asclepius be changed praeparatuo the sun, when he lays claim to Tricca as his native place, and confesses that he was born of a mortal mother? But if they shall assert that they deify not the visible bodies of sun and moon and stars, nor yet the sensible parts of the world, but the powers, invisible in them, of the very God who is over allfor they say that God being One fills all things with various powers, and pervades all, and rules over all, but as existing in all and pervading all in an incorporeal and invisible manner.


First, therefore, let us inquire how those of whom we are speaking have judged concerning the first creation of the world; then consider their opinions about the first and most ancient superstition found in human life; and, thirdly, the opinions of the Phoenicians; fourthly, those of the Egyptians; after which, fifthly, making a distinction in the opinions of the Greeks, we will first examine their ancient and more mythical delusion, and then their more serious and, as they say, more natural philosophy concerning the gods: First among these Pythagoras the pupil of Pherecydes, who invented the name ‘philosophy,’ was a native, as some say, of Samos, but according to others of Tyrrhenia; while some say that he was a Syrian or Tyrian, so that yon must admit that the first of the philosophers, celebrated in the mouth of all Greeks, was not a Greek but a Barbarian.

And when Macrisshe was Hera’s nursecame to seek her, and wished pareparatio make a search, Cithaeron would not eusebiuw her pry about, or approach the spot, on pretence that Zeus was there resting and passing the time in company with Leto.

For how is pfaeparatio reasonable that his father, the sun, whom they declare to be Apollo, should himself also have been born in the island Delos of a mortal mother again, namely Leto.

Special emphasis needs to be given here to what Eusebius intends with a title like Praeparatio Evangelicasince there has been no little confusion about what Eusebius is doing in the Praeparatio.

Now the history of the events so celebrated among the Greeks is later than the times of Cecrops. And I believe that this indication will assist me in the demonstration of the object which I have proposed; inasmuch as my proposal is to uphold the plea, that we have not unreasonably preferred the theology of the Hebrews, and that of the Barbarians, as they would call it, to the philosophy of the Greeks.

And when furious rains and winds occurred, the trees in Tyre were rubbed against each other and caught fire, and burnt down the wood that was there. And he has a sister born of the aforesaid parents, who was called Ge earthand from her, he says, because of her beauty, they called the earth by the same name. Rightly therefore do the sacred oracles teach us concerning the visible parts of the world as follows: