Shri Eknathi bhagawat: English translation with Sanskrit text: translation into English of the Marathi commentary on the Eleventh Skandha of Bhagwat. These books impressed Nath so much that ‘Eknathi Bhagwat’ took birth from his pen. Bhagwad . (Translated from original Marathi into English by Sudhir). qqq. provides services of Eknath Bhagwat in Marathi in pdf, Brihat Parasara Hora (English); Brihat Parasar Hora Shastram (Astrology).

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Unfortunately after the death of the king Devgiri fell into the hands of Muslim invaders. He proved that the Guru and Shishya are one! The reformative and uplifting work started by Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Namdev came to a stop. Great devotee of Deity Ram in Kaliyug. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The Avatars or Incarnations of God had the primary object of satisfying the desires and aspirations of Gods. From latter two Ram learnt the scriptures as well as the art of war.

Janardan swami was the head of the fort of Daulatabad. One fateful day, Janardan Swami was deep in Samadhiwhen an attacking army raised an alarm.

Sant Eknath (1533-1599)

Eknath Eglish was lauded for his bravery. From his Bhavarth Ramayana we can witness the sorry state of affairs of Maharashtra under the Islamic kings; the social, political and economic downfall of the people at the time.


We are fortunate that Eknath Maharaj bestowed upon us the unadulterated version of Dnyaneshwari. The war and foreign invasions had taken a heavy toll in the life of the people. Ram the Blissful had 3 brothers.

Janardan Maharaj was not informed of anything of this.

When Neglish came to know of this he felt a sense of fulfilment for his disciple. Ram and Sita symbolise God and His Intelligence. Janardan swami took young Eknath.

The Devgiri fort was under the Nizam rule. Eknath Maharaj did not hesitate, despite not being a combatant, he donned the armour and stepped out to fight the invaders.

He used to go on leave every Thursday. Views Read Edit View history. Vishwapandhari Year 1, Issue 2, eknsth For the sake of uplifting of common people he wrote simple stories, Kirtans or stories of Goddesses, Prayers to Goddesses sknath fulfilment of desires, on the Art of Dance etc.

This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sant Eknath Maharaj castigated enkath charlatans of religion in no uncertain manner. And the infinitely compassionate mother answered! This article has multiple issues. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This article related to a book about Hinduism is a stub.

Founder of Engllish Shri Raghavendra Swami: This article does not cite any sources. So Eknath Maharaj fought valorously for 4 hours and drove the invaders away.

Please help us clarify the article. Laxman meaning self-knowledge AtmaprabodhBharat meaning sentimental Bhavartha and Satrughna meaning self supporting Nij-nirdhar.


Eknathi Bhagwat – Wikipedia

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The disciples such as Eknathji Maharaj who can wipe out the difference between a Guru and his disciple and can do the work of Guru are extremely rare so to say. The people were alive because they were not dead already! Eknath Maharaj endeavoured to explain the spiritual meaning of the life of Rama.

Swami Vivekananda Samarth Ramdas Swami: Their unity is absolute.

The personal self atma in the form of Ram took birth through Dasaratha. Even the religious circles had deteriorated to unprecedented levels of hypocrisy. He promptly left home for Daulatabad! Now available in a new look! Dasrath had 3 Queens — Kaushalya symbolising beneficent knowledge SadvidyaSumitra symbolising Pure knowledge Shuddhabuddhi ekath Kaikayi symbolising ignorance Avidya. Then again Vishwamitra meaning rationality Vivek and Vasistha meaning thoughtful Vichar.

So the very next day little Eknath went to the river and asked his question with great earnestness and urgency. It was a fateful day, when 5 year old Eknath who was resolutely climbing the steps of the fort, came across Janardan Swami. This is major work of Varkari Sampradaya.