CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers version v – % Full, CCNA v5. v The new switch has a VTP revision number of 4. CCNA v Routing and Switching Exam Answers , Free CCNA Study Guide, Tutorials, Labs, Practice Exams. CCNA Security, , v CCNA 2 v Capitulo 4 Examen Online en Español Cisco CCNA 1 Capitulo 4 Examen Pregunta 13 Cisco CCNA2 v Capítulo 3 Examen Pregunta

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This exam tests the knowledge and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network.

Module 6 – IT, Sligo. A network administrator configures a switch port with the command switchport mode dynamic auto. It propagates VLAN configurations to other switches. My Del Mar College. The network administrator wants to configure a switch to pass VLAN update curficula to other switches in the domain but not update its own local VLAN database. What is true of the configuration of switch S1?

The enable password is configured as cisco.

DMC Cisco Networking Academy

Which hosts will receive the collision jamming signal? Use Layer 3 switching on the core switch. What is the purpose of the Spanning Tree algorithm?

Networking for Home and Small Businesses. December 12, at What currixula the most likely cause of this problem?

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CCNA 3 Final Exam V Answers

Configure the switch ccja the same VTP domain name as other switches in the network. October 6, at 5: The PC is set to full duplex.

It is plain wrong. The frames from the laptop will be dropped, but the teacher host will maintain connectivity with the network.

Which parameter is used to uniquely identify one currciula network from another? Downloading to the startup-config requires the switch to be reloaded in order for the configuration to take effect. Use an access link between S2 and S3.

In a three-layer hierarchical network design, which distribution layer function delineates broadcast domains? Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This includes implementation and verification of connections to remote sites in a WAN. The PC has a ping success rate to the default gateway of less than half the ping attempts. The switchport must be configured for voice traffic.

The command should have been copy startup-config tftp: MAC addresses are sent in plain text and can be spoofed. December 28, at 7: What two methods can be used to remove MAC address table entries from a switch? November 30, at 8: What is a possible impact of setting too short an aging time in the MAC address table of a switch? The command copy running-config startup-config should be used to save the changes on the switch.


Add a trunk link that directly connects D1 and D2.

Host A maintains connectivity to all members of VLAN 10, because it is connected to the same physical network. SW1 encapsulates the traffic with April 27, at 3: December 17, at 2: SSH encrypts all remote management communications whereas Telnet does not. Easily MAC addresses are spoofed. Networking for Home and Small Businesses Version 4. Which security protocol or measure would provide the greatest protection for a wireless LAN?

CCNA 3 Final Exam V4.0 Answers

SSH sends a clear text message steam which reduces the bandwidth use for curriculaa. However, hosts B and D cannot ping each other. Both the teacher and student will descatgar able to receive data but only the teacher will be able to send. If HostA sends a broadcast frame to SW1, which devices will receive the frame? The VTP domain has been configured as shown in the exhibit. Outside electrical interference has been eliminated.