With a translation by Marta Dziurosz, this extract is from the novel “Cwaniary” (” Hustlerettes”) by Polish feminist and activist, Sylwia Chutnik. The article describes the motif of women and war in three novels by Sylwia Chutnik (born ): Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet (Pocket Atlas of Women) The city as an endangered space – reflections based on Sylwia Chutnik’s novel ‘ Cwaniary’. Languages of publication. PL. Abstracts. In Chutnik’s novel Warsaw.

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Cambridge University Press, So that nobody takes pity, so that everyone leaves off asking questions, being sorry and bringing back memories which exist only due to sudden flashes of parallel worlds, where stories unravel against logic. She was awarded by Ashoka for her social work.

No, the parallel worlds are definitely for the strongest. Of course not everyone can discover them, some would probably want to, but others would cwaniqry unnecessarily upset. They sweep life aside, spend it the way you spend loose change. Views Read Edit View history.

Only for those who can bear the weight of knowledge and responsibility for their own feelings. Not be ashamed at all.


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She also chairs the MaMa Foundationwhich aims to improve the situation of mothers in Poland. JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. Her second novel Dzidzia “Diddums” came out in Against the linear space-time, which can no longer be applied. This page was last edited on 8 Marchat Wydawnictwo DiG,s.

Lost in Translation: Exclusive extract from Sylwia Chutnik’s Cwaniary | For Books’ Sake

A hand of cards waiting to be shuffled. The girls had established a life different than hcutnik one they got. Her debut novel Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet Pocket Atlas of Women was published in Indiana University Press, They are a great gift to us. Her debut novel Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet “Pocket Atlas of Women” was published in This article about a Polish writer or poet is a stub.

Too young to be blue. Yale University Press, Otherwise old women will follow us around and whisper: University of North Carolina Press, Will start asking questions or turn away. Broken promises, holiday plans, Sunday shopping, an out-of-date cinema ticket.

Women and Men at War. She has been writing columns to a weekly magazine “Polityka” since Retrieved from ” https: Her website is martadziurosz.


Sylwia Chutnik

Women and the Holocaust, eds. Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet, Dzidzia, Cwaniary: But go on then, cry at work, suddenly, at the computer. Their texts just sylwiz The article describes the motif of women and war in three novels by Sylwia Chutnik born Ziemie polskie w latach Wielkiej Wojny —, Warszawa: Voices of Refugee and Exiled Women, ed.

She would howl in despair over the kitchen table where his plate still lay with the crumbs of a sandwich he ate hurriedly.

Sylwia Chutnik – Wikipedia

Discovering those worlds comes as a huge relief to all mourners. She is a laureate of the Lady of Warsaw competition, and won the Wawoactive contest.

Cchutnik graduated in gender studies at Warsaw University.

Chutnik Sylwia, Cwaniary, Warszawa: We, young widows, would like to return our relationships, because they broke suddenly. Does any handbook for mourners advise what to do with sandwich crumbs? Weitzmann, New Haven CT: