Concrescence is a developmental anomaly of dental hard tissues. It is a condition showing union of adjacent teeth by cementum. The concrescence leads to a. The incidence of concrescent teeth is reported to be highest in the posterior maxilla. The purpose of this article is to report two cases of concrescence between. predisposition of the natural distal inclination of the maxillary molar roots. Concrescence of teeth is actually a form of fusion which occurs after root formation has.

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This is carried out by raising a flap and drilling terth required amount of bone. Smithaand S. The presence of concrescent teeth may influence teeth extraction as well as periodontal, endodontic, orthodontic and even prosthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. If decay makes it through the enamel, it next attacks the dentin — where millions of tiny tubes lead directly to the dental pulp.

This was her first visit to a dentist. Combination of Diclofinac Sodium, mg and Paracetamol, mg twice daily for 3 days. Biology The growing together of related parts, tissues, or cells.

What Is Concrescence?

Awareness of these developmental disturbances with proper diagnosis and treatment is very essential because it can compromise the periodontal attachment and can lead to the tooth loss. J Indian Soc Periodontol. For example, should a patient with this anomaly need to have a tooth extracted, they would need to discuss the possibility of two teeth being removed and make arrangements to replace both teeth with their dentist. Apical view, showing the third molar located with in the furcations area of second molar; Figure 2 and 3: Retrieved from ” https: In order for concrescence to take place, the roots of the affected teeth must be in close proximity to each other, and an excess layer of cementum must be deposited to form the union between the roots of the adjacent teeth 1, 2, 3, 4.

Always seek the advice of your dentist or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment.

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The remaining maxillary and mandibular permanent teeth were normal in shape. Due to lack of enamel involvement, the crowns of the affected teeth, if erupted, appear normal. In addition, increased mesio-distal crown width and distinct developmental occluso-gingival grooves on the labial and lingual surfaces were noticed.

If the condition is not affecting the patient, no treatment is needed. His transformation of process theism involves jettisoning Whitehead’s notion of God’s primordial nature and reconceiving God as pure everlasting concrescenceindeed, as future activity. Tooth 17 showed grade III mobility with clinical attachment loss of greater than 6mm in all the six sites Mesiobuccal, Midbuccal, Distobuccal, Mesiopalatal, Midpalatal and Distopalataland tender on percussion with purulent discharge from the sulcus on digital pressure along with a caries with pulpal involvement on the distal aspect.

One thinks immediately of Whitehead’s notion of a divine initial aim which guides the concrescence or progressive self-constitution of an actual occasion of experience.

The teeth may be fused with dentine or cementum, the latter case being called as concrescence. J Indian Dent Assoc.


Tooth 18 is missing. Incisors — the sharp, chisel-shaped front teeth four upper, four lower used for cutting food.

Republic of Singapore English. Most fusions between a molar and a supernumerary tooth require surgical removal due to the abnormal morphology and excessive mesiodistal width that causes problems with crowding, alignment and occlusal function.

Paramolar concrescence and periodontitis

Two different radiographic views of extracted teeth 17 and Developmental abnormalities of the teeth and jaws; pp. This process involves epithelial and concrwscence germ layers resulting in irregular tooth morphology Rajendran, Therefore, the union is only in the cementum of the adjacent teeth 5, 6. Int J Paediatr Dent. Back Oral Care Products. The examination identified few teeth to be non restorable due to caries or periodontal disease.

Teeth may appear to overlap on an X-ray, which can happen when the film or the X-ray unit isn’t placed properly. It is extremely imperative for us as clinicians that we do all we can to save the teeth which are vitally placed in the dental arch.


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General Dentistry ; Supernumerary teeth may occur singly, multiply, unilaterally or bilaterally, and in one or both jaws. X-rays allow dental professionals to detect conditions they can’t see with their naked eyes and treat their patients successfully. How to Brush Correctly 0: Watch us on YouTube.

Teeth Concrescence Stock Photos & Teeth Concrescence Stock Images – Alamy

Conctescence the Oral Health and Dental Management case study, the dentist didn’t identify a case of concrescence until they extracted a patient’s molar and the neighboring tooth came out with it, since the two were joined.

Concrescence of teeth is actually a form of fusion which occurs after root formation has been completed.

Concrescence is a condition of teeth where the cementum overlying the roots of at least two teeth join together. The patient reported her past medical history to be negative. These teeth are also predisposed to caries and periodontal disease.

Abstract Concrescence represents an uncommon developmental anomaly in which juxtaposed teeth are united in the cementum but not in the dentin. This was followed by the root canal treatment. Support Center Support Center. This article highlights the presence of a concrescence between mandibular second molar and a supernumerary tooth, with its clinical and radiographic findings and a multidisciplinary approach required for its management.

Despite the considerable number of cases reported in the literature, the differential diagnosis between these abnormalities is difficult. Footnotes Source of Support: The iatrogenic defect due to section can be treated orthodontically by moving the tooth into the defect. Developmental tooth pathology Disease stubs. Figure 2 Figure 4 and 5: Please leave this field blank: