The curriculum is built from the CFA Institute Body of Knowledge, taking you deep into investment management by cutting across these 10 key areas. The CFA curriculum is grounded in the practice of the investment profession. Two features of the CBOK are especially relevant to the CFA examinations. First. Does anyone else have the Level II CBOK outline on the CFAI website? Steps to see CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK). I. Ethical.

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Professional Standards of Practice B. Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning.

Last time I was Band 10 and about 5 days before the exam I was allowed to register for L1 again. Analysis of Business Combinations L. Valuing Bonds with Embedded Options H. Equity Portfolio Management Strategies M.

  C945 P331 PDF

Principal Financial Statements C. Long-Term Financial Policy F. Execution of Portfolio Decisions Trading Q. JaRvEy Jun 18th, 4: Types of Alternative Investments and their Characteristics B. Ethical and Professional Standards A.

And most of the Portfolio Management sections are LEvel cda only topics, in case you want to try and argue. Could this mean what I think it means? It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Be prepared with Kaplan Schweser. While some of that is L2, not all of it is.

I got level II topics as well…. The Level II study program emphasizes asset valuation and includes applications of the tools and inputs including economics, financial statement analysis, and quantitative methods in asset valuation.

Current CBOK on CFAI Website

Come July 26th or so, you will see a link to register for the cbo exam. There is also another way to tell. Characteristics, Institutions, and Benchmarks C. Investment Manager Selection F. Probability Distributions and Descriptive Statistics D.


Current CBOK on CFAI Website | AnalystForum

Sampling and Estimation E. The Firm and Industry Organization C.

Analysis of Global Operations M. Hmmm I got the same thing. Analysis of Long-Lived Assets F.

Aravinda Jun 18th, 3: I had cbook sneaking suspicion this was true. Analysis of Debt H. Presentation of Performance Results. Effects of Government Regulation L. Tangible Assets with Low Liquidity X. Budfox, while you are correct that the CBOK is the same for all 3 levels, there have been situations in the past when cbom candidates with exceptional results were indirectly notified by the CFAI of their scores by giving them access to the following level materials.