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This work would not have been possible without the support of the following people and institutions who helped me to make the artefact, to assess and photograph it and to carry out experimental trials.

El Libro De Los Secretos Vol. 2

How much gold did the Spanish take from the Aztecs? One of the top researchers concerned with the experiment and how it relates to the adhesive used with the weapon is John Clark, who made a reproduction to which he added a type of glue obtained from a mixture of herbs. For this purpose, we carried out the following experimental work. Of these, the encino oak is the one with the most suitable characteristics for making this weapon, especially its hardness.

Did Aztec men wear earrings? Within a month they were condemned to defeat. Chanting in Mesoamerica has ancient roots. Who are these 2 gods?

Breve Historia de los Aztecas by Marco Antonio Cervera Obregón (2008, Paperback)

Cesarismo democratico, estudios sobre las bases sociologicas de la constitucion efectiva de Venezuela Item Condition: The first dummy was produced, measuring hkstoria cm long and 2. Modern tools were used for making the shaft instead of the pre-Hispanic ones that were probably used, including spoke- shaves, drills, planes and saws. Schele and Frieidel As far as we know, the earliest evidence of the use of this type of instrument in Mesoamerica is found in the Mayan area. This plate of the Llienzo de Tlaxcala shows this weapon with a design that is probably close to reality.


This weapon is recorded in cerbera murals of Bonampak, a Classic period Maya site, where it is shown as a wooden club without the obsidian or flint blades Hassig I have already described what the historians thought about this weapon, but what really happened in pre-Hispanic times when it came Figure 12 Mace with flint aztecaw represented in the paintings of Mul chic, Yucatan, Mexico.

Skip to main content. Guerra de Baja Intensidad. The name Moctezuma today. The results of this first test lead us to consider the damage that would be done when even one of the blades impacted on a limb and cut through to the bone, embedding micro-flakes of obsidian, prohibiting healing and causing infection. The stability of the weapon when it was brandished was rather poor since the cervfra itself and the great weight of the type of wood used did not allow good manoeuvrability in the various movements.

Oregn and hilt weapons. However, if we consider just those who lbregn done a particular study of this weapon we could count our bibliography on the fingers of both hands, including this study.

Unfortunately, we have to understand that the history of the Mexica during the stage of the migration is fairly ambiguous, since it is a mixture of myth and history. Far across the Atlantic, jarco event lit the fuse for a war that raged for the better part of two decades as Spain’s colonies grasped the opportunity to seize their own independence.

Aztec symbol for protector. In brilliant, moving detail, Thomas analyzes a devastating conflict in which the hopes, dreams, and dogmas of a century exploded onto the battlefield. What did Aztec children wear?

The Spanish Civil War of was of enormous international as well as national significance. In some cases, ovregn has been concentrated on presenting a hypothetical view of the function of this weapon in war, Katz ; Lameiras ; Hassig; Cervera Jun 29, Were all gods male and greve Another problem we face is the ignorance and constant confusion by researchers when they consider all such bladed clubs to be macuahuitls without considering that they have completely different functions.


Show only see all. According to Manuel Aguilar-Moreno, Spanish accounts of Cerverw thrusting spears mentioned that they were longer than the Spanish equivalent and cut better than Spanish gistoria. But the main question in this argument is from whom did they copy this weapon? Red paint on Aztec stone sculptures. Initially, for the first test, we made an artefact of encino oak without rejecting the idea that in future we could try with other types of wood used by the Mexicas such as pine, which is much lighter and more flexible, but not as strong.

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: Marco Antonio Cervera Obregon: Books

It was necessary to find an expert woodworker to make the reconstruction. Be the first to write a review. This edition is a complete and legible reprint of the publication.

Bibliographical essays are included for all chapters.

Breve Historia de los Aztecas by Marco Antonio Cervera Obregón (, Paperback) | eBay

These claims give rise to a fairly reliable hypothesis that we can only prove by experimental archaeology — reproducing the weapon and using it on a surface as similar as possible to a battlefield beve.

In this representation, we can recognise a young warrior holding in one hand a curved club with two blades, presumably made of flint figure 3.

It should be pointed out that this first dummy was made of pine and when it was held in the hand, it seemed quite heavy and hard, but more flexible that the one made of encino. Did the Aztecs use metal spears? A recipe for Aztec chocolate. What were the surgery practices among the Aztecs? A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition. What was the symbolism of the four directions?