Book of Proof. (5 reviews). Richard Hammack, Virginia Commonwealth University . Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: Independent. Proofs in Calculus. § and. § used in some e x ercises. Ignore them if. Chap ter. 3 is omitted. § used in tw o e x ercises. Richard Hammack. Book of. Book of Proof has ratings and 11 reviews. David said: Playing with Numbers22 June – Sydney Well, what do you know, a university textbook that.

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I do use Chapter 3 combinatorics and add on some graph theory later on in the course. The contents links below will take you to specific chapters in this file. Lee rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Although it may be more meaningful to the student who has had some calculus, there is really no prerequisite other than a measure of mathematical maturity.

Caleb Carpenter rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Write a customer review. And, it’s open source, which means it is not only free the author’s website is a google away but also remixable – meaning, you are free to create and distribute your own version of the text under a creative commons license http: While almost every chapter depends on chapters preceding it there are pockets that I think are optional.

I was impressed by how easy to read and well organized this textbook is. Topics include sets, logic, counting, methods of conditional and non-conditional proof, disproof, induction, relations, functions and infinite cardinality. The writing style of the text is best described as direct. On the first role, the book really shines in its treatment of logic — sentences with quantifiers and their negations — methods of proof, induction basic and generalequivalence relations, functions, and cardinality.


That is a beast of a book. How to Prove It: Get to Know Us. If the author ever ends up reading this: He works mostly in the areas of combinatorics and graph theory. This book will initiate you into an esoteric world.

I wanted to review my math and found this book. Thank you for your feedback.

Likewise, the perfect number theorem’s proof felt like a jump too high for many students so if time is pressing one could opt to postpone these topics in Chapters 7 and 8 respectively. Learn more about Amazon Prime. This book is excellent for an introduction to mathematics proofs course. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.

Jun 23, David Sarkies rated it really liked it Shelves: I also wish there was a bit more history ricchard the critical technical information. You know, like the number zero, which European mathematicians avoided because it was, well, an Arab concept.

I wish the exercises had a difficulty ranking e.

Book of Proof – Open Textbook Library

Every chapter has its subchapters and exercises after each subchapter. The organization of the text is one of its strengths. Because of the content, this book passes the longevity test.

It introduces the fundamental concepts of Discrete Mathematics and Proofs. The material on cardinality at the end of the book is nice.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

See all 78 reviews. The book ends with additional topics in relations, functions, and cardinality of sets. Comments Although there are certain aspects of the text I would modify, these aspects are minute compared to the amount of understanding and depth that the author introduces.


He introduces proofs gently enough to allow a determined self-student stay with it. I’ve asked my students if they find the book useful and many have said they rely heavily on it. Is this feature helpful?

It lays a foundation for more theoretical courses such as topology, analysis and abstract algebra. David Leach rated it really liked it Jun 29, Your bookstore will need to know that the book is distributed by Ingram. My decisions regarding revisions were guided by the Amazon reviews and emails from readers.

Standard techniques including proof by contradiction and mathematical induction are well-represented.

Now to the cons, the paper quality is below average for a paper back. Hammck, the book moves on to standard proof I would recommend this textbook to any instructor who teaches introduction to mathematical proofs, and to any student who is being exposed to this subject for the first time or needs to review this material.

This is one of the most important areas of mathematics and very fundamental. I’d never done any maths beyond year 10 jr high school and was given this as a supplemental text for a Discrete Mathematics course I was doing for computing.

This books is a ricahrd read for anyone going into upper division math, regardless of major! Alth This book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics.