Services · e-Books · Teachers and Parents Forum · About Us. Comming Soon. The main objective of Balbharati is to create textbooks for. Results 1 – 16 of 21 Social Science India and Contemperary Worldbarapatre shopII Textbook in History for 10th Standard/barapatre shop. by Balbharti.

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Since students are not getting textbooks even after schools start, Balbharati put up soft copies of all its textbooks on its website, from where they can be easily downloaded. All Supplementary Materials published by the Authorized Users under the terms of the License shall contain registration number provided by Balbharati which shall be displayed nooks a conspicuous place in such Supplementary Materials.

Click here to download PDF. List of Registered Publishers. Book Sellers and Educations Institutions can register with Balbharati and become a registered reseller of all Books Published by Balbharati and earn discount.

Enter your user id and password to login to the Licensing System. The Authorized user will not disclose the license fee to any stakeholder in any form. Mandate of Balbharati To prepare textbooks for all the primary schools in Maharashtra Classes I to X To print and distribute textbooks of all subjects for all the primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in Maharashtra To make available quality material a low price To prepare other instructional materials for schools in Maharashtra including teachers handbooks, teachers editions, dictionaries and supplementary books To undertake educational research for improving the curriculum and instructional materials.

e-balbharati : e-books

Sawai Gandharva Music Festival Vasantotsav. Please attach a signed declaration in place of document not applicable for you. Licensing of use of content. The Authorized Users shall make all endeavors to cooperate with Balbharati and produce all such documents, accounts as hooks be requisitioned.


Maharashtra State Board Books Pdf download CLASS 1 TO Class 12

The licence registration process will be open throughout the year, however the licence holders are required to renew the licence between 15th October to 30th June of every year. If all the values are valid a OTP will be sent to you mobile number and will be asked for verification.

The e books from first to eighth standard are downloadable from the website of Balbharti. Balbharati will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Contents are complete and accurate. This is in view to improve the quality of textbooks for Stds. Balbharati has assured to achieve learning outcome s through its contents developed for schools in the balbbharti of Maharashtra.

Upon creation of a login id, an Applicant can access the registration form. Will be used for SMS and telephonic communication 8. The other intention was to make textbooks available at a reasonable price.

By using boks site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can change your details and verification there off. Participating from time-to-time in surveys of use of copyright material; Considering the cost of using materials; and Utilising IP registration tools for managing copyright material effectively.

Many publishers have utilized the learning material s developed by Balbharati in print and digital form for their respective commercial purpose s. Submit Step At this step update the details of the Application fees paid. Every year it is necessary to take a renewed registration. Balbharati’s 9 Distribution Centers supply around.

Any alterations including but not limited to additions or omissions or deletions or modification by whatever name called shall be notified by Balbharati. Enter turnover for balbharati FY ending on latest 31st march.

More than Registered Book Sellers. The institute was established by the Government of Maharashtra on 27 January Balbharati will upload the list of authorized license owner on the authorized website of the bureau. Existing licensee are required to renew the licence annually as per the new announced rate.


Audit The documents verifications from original will be verified. Registered resellers, will be able to register their demands and pay the bills online, very soon. An activation link will be sent to your email id. Such Supplementary Materials may be published by Authorized Users upon expiry of a period of 30 thirty days from the date of publication by Balbharati.

Policy Advocacy All disputes and claims relating to the Balbharati Copyright Policy, including the disputes and claims arising out of the Licensing Agreement, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai only. Home ebalbharati Contact Us. Enter all the required details in the form which include 1.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Balbharati has formulated this Policy to achieve the following objectives:. Basis the feedback received from various stakeholders as well as the comments received by the review committee, Balbharati shall modify, amend, alter vooks repeal the policy subsequently. You can upload the documents in jpeg, png, of pdf format. Balbharati institute is an autonomous body registered under the Bkoks Trusts Act and the Societies Registration Act, This Portal is Developed and maintained by E.

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