Find great deals for Aztek Testors A Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Aztek hobbytools in scale No, A released in 20?? | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Airbrushing. Aztek: All products, news and built models from company Aztek. A +. ActionsStash. No Ultimate Metal Airbrush Kit w/ Wood Case (Aztek A).

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As I mentioned before, the size of the set is asking for more, but I overestimated its potential. Managed to pick up a load of nozzles from Hobbycraft a couple of years ago in a sale so the Aztec will carry on for a long time yet. These are described axtek gravity and siphon here but I would say that it is gravity — side and siphon-side feed.

Anyone used the new Aztek A Airbrush – Airbrushes –

The whole process is so quick that I a7787 about 30 minutes to test all the nozzle tips with base coat included. There is no pocket for airbrush storage. Fitting is easy and quick. Generally the storage of nozzle tips is designed very well what protects them and you can see all of them in at the same time without the need to shake the box.

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What our customers say “Great place will shop again with you and fast delivery too. At the time I used Rotring Artist Colors which were finely pigmented acrylic inks and they behaved quite well in the Aztek. But then again there really is no need to dunk the whole body of the Aztek and drowned it in any cleaning fluids unless, and it’s a big unless, you have not read the first point that I wrote about and have been “back flushing” your brush.


Fitting the nozzle tip is easy as well. We will contact you with the shipping costs on receipt of the order. In the box you can find:. Posted March 29, edited. They took all the technical words out of the manual and replaced them with pictures which did make it easier for the complete novice to understand how to use it. A list of applicable postcodes aztekk be seen here.

Large set of Nozzle tips Cfor fine lines: Rather than using it as an Aztek air brush. Would I ever go back to an Aztek I had one and the trigger failed after a year or so. Orders will only be dispatched once payment has been received.

I have four nozzles,fine,hi-flow,medium,splatter,3 sizes of cup. The A looks to be the same body design and the A seems to be exactly the same as the Athey may have changed the trigger assembly by now but I’d be cautious about it.

If it fails it looks like the bin as spare parts sound non existant. My model is fine though. It was fine as a starter airbrush for me but I’m glad I moved on. When Aztek brushes first came out they were a revolution, I know the guy that demo’d them at the press launch. Especially I was amazed by comfort when you need to change the tip or colour. Not sure about hose, as when you check the images on internet it is not in the box, but e-shop has it listed in specifications.

The Aztec is fine though. It enable me to learn to airbrush without the fuss of disassembling a traditional airbrush every time I got things wrong.

Aztek Airbrushes Master Professional Metal Airbrush Set

In this clip http: Here to help About us Contact us Help. I don’t know the design history of the Aztek line of airbrushes but I think they wanted to rethink airbrush design and did a fine job of it. I think I prefer different because the azrek TG range is a pistol grip and I like it because I am used to a larger need thanks to Aztek. I picked one up maybe a year after they first came out and was happy with it, and that is with several other traditional double action brushes in my possession.


The Aztek range were always the “Marmite” of airbrushes. The only one without lid.

Aztek Testors A7778 Metal Airbrush Set Wood Case

I had a batch of brushes with bodies that weren’t clipped together and couldn’t be as the moldings were so bad. They both work well but they are very different and I think it’s the same with the Aztek line of air brushes.

I have one of these and like it a lot better after I learned to take the tips xztek for cleaning.

It’s not a problem of the user, it seems to be a problem of communication from Testors. This site uses cookies!

They strongly advice you to use those tips as per instructions following the rules. Guide disk dvdeven two of them in English. By TomjwMarch 28, a778 Airbrushes. Metal magic The cream of the crop its like liquid gold to use the cold touch of the handle soon warms up and it becomes part of the user, this is my 3rd kind of airbrush and its the best one I have use its wicked, with its multi nozzels, the wooden case keeps all the parts together and it looks real smart, like a true Pro, cleaning is so quick and easy and no mess fantastic.

It was like going from a Model T to a Rolls Royce!!!!!!!!