on Protection in the Workplace (‘Arbeitsplatzschutzgesetz’, the ‘ArbSchG’) same employer by 12 November , additional severance pay is provided by. Citations (2). References (44). Work organization, labour contracts and employment. Article. Jun ; INT J MANPOWER · Emmanuel Dhyne. Article. Dec A. Oshchepkov · Vladimir Gimpelson and Media Coverage of Labor Market Policy. Article. Dec ; J LABOR RES.

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Skip to main content. Election of members of Teaching and Scientific Staff. An Act to amend and supplement the social security scheme for agriculture. Arbeutsplatzschutzgesetz of leave Article Germany – – Law, Act An Act to make provision for the protection of members of bodies representing the workers in an undertaking, while they are receiving training.

Participation in Associations and Cooperatives. It is true that in some cases the national arbeitsplatzschutzgfsetz may encounter a case where there is no profile equivalent to that of the civil servant who was disadvantaged by reason of his age.

Lastly, the Court will have to examine whether a national rule, such as that at issue in the main proceedings, under which the civil servant is required to take steps, before the end of the financial year then in course, to assert a claim to financial payments that do not arise directly from the law, is consistent with the right to an effective remedy.

Notification to promulgate a consolidated text of the Severely Handicapped Persons Act. Evaluation, Target-setting, Social Accountability and participation Art.

Erases the 13th case added in art. Access to Tertiary Education. The requirement arbeitsplataschutzgesetz steps be taken within relatively narrow time-limits, that is to say, before the end of the financial year, seems to apply, therefore, both to actions brought by civil servants who suffer as a result of an infringement of national law and to those brought by civil servants who suffer as a result of an infringement of EU law.


Requests for a preliminary ruling from the Verwaltungsgericht Berlin Germany. Chapter A Article 1: Federal Act to regulate payment for statutory holidays. It also provides for the determination of the aforesaid pension amount, the commencement time of application and the instalments to be withheld until that time, the exceptions to the application and the potential situation of payment of accrued main pensions.

Convention to amend the Social Security Convention of 12 Oct. In certain circumstances, that seniority is deferred by periods after the age of 31, namely by one quarter of a relevant period until the age of 35 and by one half thereafter.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Gives the President of the Republic the power to appoint members of the legal service, to create extra divisions and posts within the service, and to amend the schedule of the Law.

The civil servant or the member of the armed forces is to receive at least the initial basic pay for the grade allocated. Germany – Specific categories of workers – Law, Act An Act to amend certain statutory provisions concerning social security and the civil service, as regards benefits in respect of married offspring.

In this latter case, competence is vested exclusively in the Member States. In its view, however, the aim of the new system is neither to reduce nor to increase the income of civil servants. Inserts a new s. Family status Article Basic principles Article 2: I concur with that view for the following reasons. As we have seen, on the basis of equivalent professional experience, the discrimination affects the youngest persons.

In the present case, according to the referring court, this would translate into a retroactive upward equalisation of pay, the only way to remedy a breach of the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of age being to pay, retrospectively, civil servants who suffer discrimination the remuneration corresponding to the highest step. An Act to improve works old-age pension coverage. Germany – – Law, Act. Consolidated text of the Social Courts Act [of 3 Sep.


Normal Leave Article 3: Act respecting the social insurance of handicapped persons.

EUR-Lex – CC – EN – EUR-Lex

Committees for assessment of publications. Modernization of book distribution system. As far as the application of that provision arbsitsplatzschutzgesetz remuneration for civil servants is concerned, it is sufficient to note that, under that provision, the directive applies to all persons, as regards both the public and private sectors, including public bodies, in relation to employment and working conditions, including dismissals and pay.

Maternity leave and leave for special cases Article Repeals the following laws: Act on workplace protection during military service Workplace Protection Act [Consolidated text of ]. Pending their incorporation in the Code, a number arbeotsplatzschutzgesetz laws are deemed to form special parts, notably the following: Ghana – Specific categories of workers – Law, Act. Help Print this page. Submission and evaluation of candidates’ applications Article 5: Text of the Basic Act respecting the status of public servants.

Provisions for the nurses Article Accountability and Social Review. Ordinance respecting vocational training in the building industry. Security Service Article 9: Short Leave Article 5: Supervision of training Article 4: Notification of the consolidated text of the Federal Officials Act.

Transitional provisions Article