AR 740-3 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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Covered general purpose, heated: White Sands Missile Range. Inactivation of complete installations will be emphasized rather than partial inactivation of several installations. Support space includes all space used for preservation and packaging, assembly, packaging and crating, container manufacturing, receiving, inspection and identification, shipping, and material conveyor systems.

Space diversion A change in the use of storage space from storage to non-storage purposes. Entries will be rounded to the nearest hundred square feet or to the nearest thousand square feet as indicated above for column e. A separate installation identity code will be assigned in this instance. Controlled humidity, or equivalent when such rating has been approved by higher authority. Utilization of covered space, not including igloos and magazine space, will seek an occupancy level of 85 percent of net storage space available and will attain a storage density of 15 square feet per short ton table 4—1.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Support space and administrative or personal services space will be identified separately and justified by validated. Vacant ACF in bin area: Table 5—1 Inspection frequencies Type Storage Interval months Controlled humidity, or equivalent when such rating has been approved by higher authority. To provide safe, economic and standardized methods for the orderly grouping of an ammunition commodity or.


Within improved open storage areas, such additional items as firebreaks, streambeds, railroad tracks, and clearances maintained for utility lines will be considered as structural loss.

These instructions also pertain to those installations with 50, GSF of covered storage space that are activated subsequent to the publication of this regulation. Bulk petroleum, oils, and lubricants POL.

AR Storage And Supply Activity Operations

Adjutant General supply facilities. Density factors will be used in conjunction with validated tonnage data.

The percentage of the storage 7740-3 to be provided covered storage and open space will be 60 percent covered to 40 percent open. Suitable storage space is available at another installation operated by another DOD component or Federal civilian agency.

This regulation covers the following subject areas:. Capacities will be shown separately for open and covered storage.

AR 740-3 Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS)

The transport by rail on a specially designed flat car of an intermodal container with wheeled chassis or without 74-3. It may be a separate installation or be located at another installation. Space utilization standards a. Floor area upon which bins or racks are erected, plus the floor area upon which material can be stored. A structure used to satisfy a temporary need. Number of operational funds and military construction, Army MCA dollars will be saved through the diversion of storage space.


Program policy Each installation, activity, and command concerned will establish and maintain an ammunition surveillance and quality assurance program in accordance with AR —6, this regulation, Supply Bulletin SB —1 and other applicable SBs.

East Camp and Training Area. Standby facilities should be integrated into a commercial contract.

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Transit sheds and open areas at terminals and depots used exclusively for cargo throughput operation. Additional covered storage space will not be provided at CONUS and overseas depots and installations as long as the commandwide storage system occupancy rate does not equal or exceed the DA utilization standard of 85 percent of net available other covered and 90 percent igloo magazine.

The above factors exclude allowances for support space, but include allowances for aisles, quantity distance, and structural loss.

Short term days to 1 year. Enter the sum of lines 11, 12 and References, page arr B. The program includes, but is not limited to, visual inspections and tests such as initial receipt inspections, cyclic inspections, storage monitoring inspections, pre—issue inspections, and basic load inspections.

Material stored at predetermined locations and maintained in a state of combat readiness for issue to designated units.