Transport Aérien / Madagasikara Airways: d’Inter Iles à Go Comores. Inauguré le 24 septembre dernier, la compagnie Madagasikara Airways a desservi. The Comoros Archipelago is situated in the north-east of Madagascar, at the entrance of the Mozambique Channel. The Archipelago, which appeared in the. PRACTICAL HEALTH INFORMATIONS The international vaccination booklet against yellow fever and cholera is recommended for all visitors coming from.

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The population density is high: Kiwan stepped forward to take up that role. But there was one more thing left to do: It is consisted of thirty-three members of parliament elected for a mandate of fi ve 5 years By the mids, the Comoros had become a peaceful democracy, and inthen-president Azali Assoumani invited Kiwan and other albala back to the Comoros in the hope of encouraging them to invest.

This time, Kiwan sensed an opportunity. It also seems like the bet Kiwan had made on the Gulf states providing documentation for their stateless went beyond economic citizenship and papers for a few thousand Bidoon families in the Emirates. Beggar states cannot be chooser states. As much as Kiwan wanted to contribute to the Comoros, a country in such bad shape needs far more help than private investors alone can offer.

The emergence of the passport industry suggests that comradeship has given way to commerce, and that citizenship is becoming a commodity to be bought and sold.

How could one be at once native and without a land? It is hard to say for sure, because the details of the deal were kept under lock and key.

Comoro Islands – Wikipedia

Some hopeful Bidoon families willingly signed up for foreign citizenship; others had less choice. The last cyclone was “Gafilo” which passed close to the Comoros on 5 March causing great material damage. Some roads were built; members of the diplomatic community say that some of the money went to help the government pay arrears on salaries. It is a scenic drive, lined with pineapple, breadfruit, and mango trees, as well as potholes and piles of trash.


The islands are politically divided between Union of the Comoros pop. The road that led them there was one of the longest in the archipelago nation — a 20km stretch that skims the west side of Ngazidja, the biggest of the three islands. The flora has only been poorly studied, France has however been made attempts on Mayotte to fill in the gaps. It turned out that there were pitfalls of doing business in the Comoros: The government would get the one thing it needed the most: Inter-Island Air serves the archipelago and part of the region, Madagascar and Tanzania.

Like most islands, the diversity of the local flora suffers from two pressures, on the one hand the reduction of available space caused by the reduction of biotopes due to the invasion of humans in what used to be the wildest areas and on the other hand the invasion of exotic plant species such as guava trees.

He told me that he albaald willing partners in the Emirati interior minister, Saif bin Zayed al Nahyan, and his secretary-general, police chief Major General Dr Nasser al Nuaimi. Kiwan himself had been visiting the Comoros about once a month since aroundcoming and going as he pleased from government buildings and throwing parties at the albalaad by local standards Itsandra Beach hotel.

Even if the authorities were willing to divulge how much money they received and what comorss spent it on, there would likely be dozens of versions of the truth. InKiwan was named honorary consul of the Comoros to Kuwait.

Introduction – Union of the Comoros – Economic management guidelines

It is undeniable that CGH generated hundreds of jobs in the Comoros. To document the Bidoon, some countries in the region were willing to pay good money to procure Comorian citizenship in bulk, the cimores claimed.


But those in favour carried the day. It consists of four islands: Consultants hired to study the financial viability of a CGH beach resort went as far as to survey what sort of market there was for economic citizenship among stateless individuals. Sambi was a religious man who had studied Islamic political theory but expressed no interest in turning the islands into a theocracy. The projects comorex a hard sell. The National Assembly is, according to the Constitution, the legislative committee of the Union.

Rain is abundant, with up to 2 mm of annual rainfall. Efforts to preserve species are still not enough to save the richest zones, and disturbances of biotopes are expected to take place for many years to come.

Comoro Islands

It is consisted of thirty-three members of parliament elected for a mandate of fi ve 5 years He even started a popular newspaper, Al Balad. Retrieved from ” https: But what is also clear just from looking around Moroni is that the massive infrastructure projects never saw the light of day. There were no such rules in the Comoros. The media Year which starts will be marked by the holding of the general States of the press, the first national conference of the media, supported by the president of the republic himself, Ahmed Abdallah Sambi Lemurs of Madagascar 2nd ed.

The bizarre scheme to transform a remote island into the new Dubai

Topics Comoros The long read. Comoros has a largely rural population The French made their appearance in the Archipelago in and introduced their protectorate there a few decades later. Kiwan would not respond to questions or requests for comment after our initial meeting in November The African Union judged the French presence on Mayotte to be illegal.