Perhaps one of the most revered works of fiction in the twentieth-century, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner is a modern classic. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner [Alan Sillitoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The title story in this collection of short stories tells. THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG-DISTANCE RUNNER Alan Sillitoe Published in AS soon as I got to Borstal they made me a long-distance cross-country.

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – running blog book club | Life and style | The Guardian

It was something to think about all right, and sure enough the governor knew he’d got me when he said, turning to me as if I would at distahce rate have to rknner consulted about it all: All heartbreaking stories but almost all find a way where they have their freedom, something that cannot be controlled, their siplitoe. Smith, a defiant young rebel, inhabits the no-man’s-land of institutionalised Borstal.

But now I’m making up for it by going over the rotten life roam led him ever since I can remember, knocking-on with different men even when he was alive and fit and she not caring whether lonelinesss knew it or not, and most of the time he wasn’t so blind as she thought and cursed and roared and threatened to punch her tab, and I had to stand up to stop him even though I knew she deserved it.

A lower-class Brit punk without one shred of remorse for his crimes ruminates on life and class and the social order as he runs across the countryside while under lax watch from prison authorities who londliness grooming him for a track event. The pessimism is not in his sense of two classes, but his belief that this can never change. She drank her tea and warmed her hands at the same time without putting the cup down once until she had emptied it.

Jul 30, Kris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Every day, straight out of school, Alma and Joan ran to catch a bus for the town centre and, a few minutes later, smiling and out of breath, walked into the cafe where Ernest was waiting. He had just finished repairing an antique three-piece and had been paid that morning, so Alma took five shillings and they went to the counter for a meal.

As Smith says, “I knew what lpneliness loneliness of the long-distance runner running across country felt like, realizing that as far as I was concerned this feeling was the only honesty and realness there was in the world. Which other running books would you like to see covered in the running blog book club? Then he began to shed agony at each step.


The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

Show 25 25 50 All. But her appeal to his taste was still at an unpalatable extreme, and he again regretted the depar- ture of a girl who had been, to him, perfect in every way. Open Preview See a Problem? Smith commits crimes to make a statement against the societal norms in Britain during the post-war period.

I’d cough and clutch myself like I was in the most tripetwisting pain in the world, and screw my eyes up like I was on my way to the hospital, and Mike would take my arm like he was the best pal I’d got. Sometimes, when he had little money, he filled his empty stomach with a cup of tea while Alma and Joan satis- fied themselves on five shillings’ -worth of more solid food.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But you can also ask a friend to hold up cards on which you have written with marker pens! Oh yes, the last one had been the best he could remember, and the time had come when he decided to cure his madness by speaking to her one evening as she left the shop. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article.

But it wasn’t a bad life for six months, which was another thing he could never understand and would have made it grimmer if he could, and it was worth it when I look back on it, considering all the thinking I did, and the fact that the boys caught on to me losing the race on purpose and never had enough good words to say about me, or curses to throw out to themselves at the governor.

He answered me sharp: Feb 04, Martin rated it it was amazing. In the final pages the writer protagonist Alan says a final goodbye to Frankie, his adolescence and the time period as a whole. Well, I’m not grumbling, because if I did I might just as well win this bleeding race, which I’m not going to do, though if I don’t lose speed I’ll win it before I know where I am, and then where would I be?

Some of the activities here can be used also for assessment in speaking and listening, in original writing and in wider reading. The guidance on this page should help you to read this text with understanding. He leaned forward on the high desk, one elbow supporting his forehead, seeing Bullivant whisper to the boy next to him, and hearing the boy giggle.


There is an almost childlike innocence to him; when he meets two young girls at a diner, obviously poor and hungry, he offers to buy them something to eat. Because I heard a roar and saw the Gunthorpe gang throwing their coats up in the air and I felt the pat-pat of lony on the drive behind me getting closer and closer and suddenly a smell of sweat and a pair of lungs on their last gasp passed me by and went swinging on towards that rope, all shagged out urnner rocking from side to side, grunting like a Zulu that didn’t know any better, like the ghost of me at ninety when I’m heading for that fat uphol- stered coffin.

The pot-bellied pop-eyed bastard gets pleased at this: The intelligent reader will see that most educated speakers of English use the word in both senses without confusion.

Smith likes his friends from the same class and background as he is. Topics Alan Sillitoe The running blog. You can open the document in your browser window, or save it download to a local drive in your computer. I think this book raises great questions not only about the older society featured in this book but also in our contemporary society.

But once you’ve seen the knife you learn a bit of unarmed combat. You should think about nobody and go your own way, not on a course marked out for you by people holding mugs of water and bottles of iodine in case you fall and cut yourself so that they can pick you up—even if you want to stay where you are—and get you moving again.

He suggests that the achievements of such a thoroughbred are determined by, and earn glory for, others: He loses the real race, while keeping going not losing the metaphorical one.

Mind you, I often feel frozen stiff at first.