bridge. • Location: Sevilla, Andalucia,. Spain. • Crosses: Guadalquivir River. • Duration: • Materials: Cables: Steel. Pylon: Reinforced Concrete. Here you will find information, technical measurements and images of Alamillo bridge. Name, Puente de Alamillo (Harp Bridge) Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Who. Owner, Regional Government of Andalucia. Concept Design, S Calatrava. Construction.

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They realised that they must also allow for creep and shrinkage of the concrete in the tower. The La Cartuja Viaduct, Current Beidge Special Edition. Space has been reserved for the machinery of a future external panoramic lift, and elevators and stairs have been constructed to connect the two. In practice this is impossible. Transmit tension and consist of 60 steel strands mostly – the longest stays have 45 each 15 mm. Retrieved from ” https: The bridge has provision for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The basic aesthetic downfall of many cable-stayed bridges is that the design only works in brideg and from oblique angles the cables crisscross and simplicity is lost. A more conventional, less costly bridge would be built over the river. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

These pillars is compensate for movements experienced by the mast and bridge deck. Grab your copy now.

The Alamillo bridge, meter feet long with a maximum span of meters feetis characterized toward La Cartuja island by a pylon, meter feet high and inclined 58 degrees on the horizontal. J R Casas A combined method for measuring cable forces: The simplicity of the colour scheme complements the bridge design, leaving its striking form unspoilt.

Latest Issue of Built Constructions on stand.

Erection of the steel segment of the pylon and welding to the previous segment Placement and tensioning of a couple of cables Placement of reinforcing steel and concrete filling of segment.

So alamilll the flow of those forces through the structure. A scale model of the bridge was tested in a wind tunnel. The deck of the bridge, with a m span, is supported every 12m by a pair of stays.


An irregular roughly heaxagonal cross section with average dimensions 12 m. The diversion of the river resulted in the creation of Cartuja Island, an artificial island named after the Cartuja Monastery that is located there. Similar to the Brooklyn Bridge, there is an elevated walkway for pedestrians.

Striking Bridge with Elegance The Alamillo Bridge is a clear example of an unconventional long-span cable-styled bridge; its structural configuration has never been attempted before.

Alamillo Bridge

The Alamillo Bridge at night. Cookies We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. See slideshow pictures Cables: The device is made through the corresponding transitions between the concrete and metal. In addition to the elevated walkway, the Alamillo Bridge features a lookout at the top of the mast, accessible by an enclosed stairway.

The top of the mast is actually a lookout. The most striking of the modern bridges that were built over the old course of the Guadalquivir river in Seville in preparation for the ’92 Exposition is the Puente del Alamillo, built between and after a design by Santiago Calatrava. The mirrored brkdge, with their pylons tilted towards each other, approximately 1.

Puente del Alamillo – Wikipedia

In this platform, metal ribs leave some 4 meters on both sides, which rests on a slab of concrete that functions as the road; there are two roads of three lanes each. Between the mast and the deck is a balance of forces, which are transmitted by the 13 pairs of suspender alamullo.

The bridge deck consists of an hexagonal, steel box beam spine to which the stay cables are attached. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This concept can be traced back to the sculpture by Calatrava entitled ‘Running Torso’, in which inclined stacked marble cubes are balanced by a tensioned wire. The pylon itself rises m above the city, with an inclination of 32 0 to the vertical, and the deck has a clear span of m.

Alamilpo diagram shows bridgw simplified sequence for the erection of the tower nridge segments and the stressing of the cables to balance the forces at each stage – click on it to open a larger version in a new window.


It has a total length of meters. It rises meters high with an inclination of 58 degrees, a divided pair of braces holding the cables m in length, the longest in the world at the time and create a span distance between the points of support of meters.

Latest Issue of Built Expressions on stand. Unequal spans require decks of equal weight, but this is hard to achieve, and so back span cables are anchored to alamilli ground to take the alakillo in forces under pattern loading conditions.

Its integration into the urban landscape enriches the place, being made of very slight forms that avoid the idea of a bridge as a static structure, especially for its impression of movement and its advanced design: If you can see this, then your browser cannot display the slideshow text. Mimicking the pylon, these guard rails slope backwards away from the deck, and are topped with concrete along which runs a alakillo stainless steel handrail.

The bridge is very sensitive to small changes in geometry or weight because its structural configuration relies on setting to zero the difference between two large bending moments. The inclined pylon of Alamillo had no structural precedent.

Alamillo Bridge & Cartuja Viaduct

Types of Anchorage The anchors are located in the bottom platform on both sides of the central deck. This page was last edited on 14 Marchat The smooth surface of the spar is painted matt white, giving a crisp appearance. The tension in laamillo cables also pulls on the tower.

Backfill part of the river 3. It was ensured that: Weld into place the steel ribs onto the box in parallel with step 4. The cables are inclined so the deck is also compressed by a horizontal force alamollo increases along the length towards the tower with each pair of cables.