Akai DPS12 Digital Personal Studio (part 2) The DPS12 supports both manual and automated punch in. This really needs some attention from Akai. The DPS12 is available with different options at different prices. The basic DPS12 V2 comes with no drives and no effects at $1, The manual is clear and sufficient? FR pages. in which plunges prcises only for questions or if you want to use functions “shoots”. SOUNDS – The A / D.

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Pressing and holding down this button during playback causes fast reverse playback for as long as you hold it down Review. Setting The Manul Send Level In this Control Panel, you can enter tempo information the number of quarter notes played in a minute at the point where the tempo changes.


Not sure if this works or not??

Akai DPS12 Manuals

Edit Technique edit Mode Chapter 8: Xover Flanger g Chapter Erasing A Project Diff 0 — Adjusts the density of reverberation. Panning Delay g Touch Wah dps1 Move the cursor to the select field 3 and select a sampling rate for recording on the DAT recorder 32kHz Using Virtual Tracks Not satisfied with those reviews? The manual is explicit in French. Recording On The Dps12 Advanced Technique For Mixing If you wish to make a copy of aiai Project that you can access directly, use the Copy function in Disk mode.

Mono Phaser i One slider top is missing but it does not affect the functionality of the machine at all. Notes On Handling A Disk Changes in this parameter value will be reflected on all time indications on the DPS Page – Adjusting the effect return level Page – Recording sound to a track while applyin The report quality price is more NEWS seen the other models released since.


JAZ disk or loss of data caused by a forced eject operation. Creating A New Project Chapter 2: If you are not satisfied with a recording, you can use the Undo function to cancel the previous recording.

Wellenformdarstellung, Mankal Version 2. A relative time value is obtained by subtracting an offset value from the absolute time ABS.

Auto Pan i The converters are sufficient. Includes manuals and cables shown.

Tape Echo g Chapter About Assign Mode Page 30 Chapter 1: Tracks that already V. Request a new review. To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not.