You can even schedule a one-on-one appointment at a Sprint Store near you. Visit for the complete User Guide. There are also community. Technical and Troubleshooting. Guide. AIRAVE The AIRAVE connects to Sprint’s network through your broadband Internet connection. Outgoing calls go. You’ll need to connect your AIRAVE to a router or a broadband (cable or DSL) modem. Have a router? Please use the setup instructions on this page. Just have .

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They will be removed. Before you do all that make sure you connect your laptop to the Airave via Ethernet. Your submission has been automatically removed because it included profanity or violated the personal attack rules. I’m heading to Alaska for six months, would sprint provide me with one of these for my office up there?


The other way is a bit iffy. Marcelo Claure Executive Chairman: I walked out to my yard and started walking to the road, the signal was weak enough to connect to another weak B25 signal.

You have to plug into one of the ports and go to Some reason when I turned off WiFi, it’s not showing the setup configuration. Do not impersonate a Sprint or other employee. It works the other way around too where the phone would connect to the Airave coming into the house opposed to dropping the call.


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I don’t even see it on my network, IP address wise. The default gateway I got was It acts like WiFi router if you need it.

It’s supposed to come out mid next month the Airave 3 LTE. Try pressing the CDMA side reset pin hole. I just played that in front of my wife and young children.

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Are you interchanging the availability date with the magic box?

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Demand far outstripped supply so many will see weeks of delay before a new batch is made manusl delivered. Want to add to the discussion? How did you login to the device to turn off the wi-fi? Actually had to call Sprint’s Customer Care at and the lady mentioned amnual. TwitterWebsite Sprint Investor Relations: Look for the defualt gateway IP address and type that in your browser.


Do not post Referral requests here. So from what I’ve gathered the Airave 3 also provides wifi?

I got the new Airave 3 LTE! Here are some pictures. : Sprint

Also try rebooting it a lot unplugging and replugging until it works. As I understand there is no sprint service in Homer Alaska. FWIW, this Airave 3 device has a good amount of configuration settings — if I already didn’t have a decent router, I’d consider using it as a router myself, but it aiave keep living behind the ASUS router now.

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I want to say thanks to Jason S. Right now it might only be manuual to business customers, just guessing. We encourage any verified employee to message the mods there to request access.

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